Envia CEO, One Year Later

Interview with Envia CEO

5 responses to “Envia CEO, One Year Later

  1. Envia’s web site has not been updated since the Feb, 2012 announcement. The interview suggests that car makers are testing Envia’s battery for possible commercialization. However, this may be like many of the other “breakthroughs” that have been announced in that it is a proven technology only in the lab. That doesn’t mean it can be mass produced at a reasonable cost and with reasonable yields. We’ll see. . . . The 2016 model year is when I would expect any new battery technology to appear in an actual car for sale.

  2. It’s a bit obvious the CEO isn’t sure we’ll ever see the mass production of Envia’s battery systems. How else could he possibly contain himself to such a non-informative interview?

  3. Looks like you are right. See the new post on the Envia lawsuits.

  4. This is really depressing. It highlights the fact that so much is riding on a breakthrough in battery technology that it provides a huge incentive for fraud. Envia was touted as one of the most promising real-world products and it turns out to be a complete scam. This is not encouraging.

  5. I’m not sure it was a complete scam as much as it was a complete fail, but yeah, it’s depressing.

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