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Article about other ARPA-E tech and Envia.

And this my friends, is the big one


Envia has captured ALL the news this month, coming out not with announcements, or theories, or tests, but ACTUAL working battery packs, already tested, and ready for commercialization.  Using their own anode tech, licensed cathode tech, and new electrolyte, they are ready to rock and roll, TRIPLING existing energy densitys, and dropping the price from $400/kWh to $125/kWh.

Article one

Article two

Company Website  (be sure to explore this one, lots of good info and charts on secondary pages.)

That’s enough OLD stuff

I have plenty more, but that should be enough to convince you that material science is advancing in all 3 areas of the Li-ion battery. Anode, cathode, and electrolyte. Government money, big business money, private money, are all being poured into improvements that are theoretically sound, not just pie in the sky.

From here on out I’ll only be posting new stuff as I find it. And the next article is the one that got me so stoked, I decided to start this blog.

The day of the 2nd gen lithium ion battery is nye upon us people, and it looks like GM will have it first.

Nice article from Berkeley


Potential new Cathode material



Another anode material possibility


Aluminum Celmet


What Stanford and Yi Cui are doing these days



They are still being “stealthy”, but here’s a little more.  Amprius ceo speaks