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This is the article from 1975 that started my electric car enthusiasm.

This car seemed to make so much sense in 1975.  Shocking that it took 35 years for someone to use the concept.

Click on pic for cover.

Click HERE for article.

Graphene: Could it be the wonder material that saves us?

Seems to be making a huge difference in:


and in

Lithium Ion Battery Tech



O.K., this isn’t a breakthrough, but it’s just too cool.

It’s all about volume


Not an EV specific article, but …


recapturing energy from heat sources could add to range of EV for sure.

VERY nice article recapping current advances.


Also confirms 2014/2015 deployment of high density Li-ion.

First wave of new high energy Li-ion

Magnesium Ion? If only a cathode could be found.



Magnesium Ion batteries, searching for a cathode